How To Pack Artwork For Your Move

7 May 2017
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Packing artwork can be a delicate process, as you won't want to damage your items while preparing them for a move. To pack your artwork and frames successfully, you'll need the right packing materials and a game plan for each item. Here are a few helpful tips you can use as you prepare your artwork for your next move. Gather Supplies It's important to have the right packing supplies before you get started. Read More 

From The Heartland To Hungary: How Your International Move Will Proceed

21 April 2017
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When your commanding officer gives you marching papers to the U.S. military station in Budapest, Hungary, you go. That is never a question. However, if you have never shipped out overseas to serve on an international base, you may be at a loss for where to start. It becomes even more complicated if you are shipping out from a post in the middle of the country, miles and miles from the nearest coastline. Read More 

A Few Tips For Making A Local Move

14 April 2017
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Just because you're moving to a new home in the same town, it doesn't mean moving is any easier than moving to another state. You still have to pack everything up and clean both homes. However, it is convenient to have both homes close to each other because if the timing works out, you can move your things gradually if you have possession of both places for a few weeks. If you're like most people, though, you'll need to hire a local mover and get the job done fast at the end of a lease or when you close on a home. Read More 

Moving With A Big Family: Three Tips To Help You Survive

5 April 2017
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Many hands make light the work, right? This old adage does not always ring true when it comes to moving! If you have a large family, packing up and moving to a new home can be even more challenging than moving as a couple or with a small family. Luckily, with these three tips, you can survive the process and use your big family to your advantage through the moving process. Read More 

3 Mistakes That Can Damage an RV Roof During Storage

24 March 2017
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The roof is the most exposed part of your RV, which leaves it vulnerable to damage. Unfortunately, once the roof is damaged, the condition of the entire RV is compromised since a water leak can cause multiple interior and exterior issues. Avoid the following mistakes to ensure your roof doesn't become a problem. #1: Climbing onto the roof Walking on the roof is one of the worst things you can do. Read More